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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough No Laughing Matter

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Three targets will appear on your map. They are dressed as clowns basically. I'm going to take out the one farthest to the North first.

The second you enter this area your target will start running. So you'll have to change him down to kill him.

Turn your eagle eye on to identify him, or you can just kill any running clown.

He runs pretty fast for a fat guy. I used poision on him so I didn't have to worry about the guards getting mad.

Okay we are off to the next target.

Here's the second target. They tend to run as soon as you get close to them.

I decided to forgo the poision this time. If you poision them, you have to wait around for them to die. Basically you can't get very far from the target until they die.

So instead I decided to blade this guy.

Two down one more to go.

This is the next target we are going to take out.

You can see him here. He's the yellow guy behind the guards.

He will take off running as well.

Chase him down and put an end to him.

No laughing matter is now synched.