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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Crash a Party

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Get to the green circle that appears on your map.

I hired some courtesans right away. They usually help when you've got to follow someone.

The girl you need to follow is very easy to locate.

Follow her and maintain your distance. She walks very very slowly.

Fortunately you don't have very far to go.

She will walk down a coridor that is lined with guards. Send your girls in to distract the guards. You have to be quick about this, because the girl you are following can't be out of your sight for very long.

The girls will distract the guards, and you will have free access to the area.

Your target is over by the paintings. This whole area is restricted, but that doesn't mean anything since you've got a mask on.

I gave this guy a quick shot of poision.

Then I retreated to watch him keel over.

What he dies, Crash a Party will be synched.