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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Visitazione's Secret

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The entrance to this assassin's tomb is on a roof of the church. It's not on the highest roof, but it is on the roof at the front of the church.

Leap of faith off of this beam.

Assassinate the brute guard.

The other guard is a runner. You are not going to be able to catch him, but part of this mission is to chase him.

He'll drop gate after gate in front of you, but there is always a way around the gates that drop. Take the left hand passage around this one.

Keep moving forward until you see the guard again. Give chase.

He'll run quite a ways, and drop another gate in front of you.

Cross the beams to the left. You'll eventually catch up to the guard again.

This section is very fast paced, but very easy to complete. Just keep running. When you stop running the guard will stop to catch his breath. So he will not even out run you by far.

There's always a way around the gates he shuts behind him.

The path is always pretty straight forward, so I'm not going to go over this chase in depth.

At the end of this chase, the guard will drop a wooden door in front of you. He will alert four other guards.

Wall run up the wall here. You'll grab a tree root, and then climb up to a passage way.

Assassinate two of the guards with a leaping assassination.

Finish the rest of them off.

Open the door leading out of here.

Run down this hallway.

This is the real test to get this assassin's seal.

Activate this latch. There are four pole switches you need to pull in this room to open the assassin's crypt. You actually have to hit all four of them before the timer resets.

You are going to run around this room in a clockwise fashion. So start off by running to your left.

Jump across the columns.

Run up the ramp, and then jump to the pole.

Jump from the pole to the next platform.

Wall run up the wall.

And then jump to the right.

You will grab the first pole switch.

There's a combo lock in the middle of the room. One of the tumblers will slide into the correct location.

Swing off this lock on to the next platform.

Wall run up this column.

Then jump to your left.

Jump from this platform to the pole.

And thenjump to the next pole, and the next platform.

Wall run up the wall, and then jump to your right.

You will grab the next pole trigger.

Another tumbler will move to the correct location.

Swing forward to the next bit of land.

Jump up on to the rail, and then jump up the stone finger like things.

Climb them to the top.

Stop on the top step or you will over shoot the next pole switch.

Jump from the top step to the pole switch.

Another tumbler will fall into place.

Jump from this pole switch to the top of the nearby column.

Jump from that to the next platform.

Jump from this platform, to the top of the next column, which you can't see in the photo. Then jump to the next platform.

Walk to the left on the stone rail.

Wall run up the wall here, and then jump to the left.

Here's the jump to the left.

Jump from this platform to the next platform.

Jump across the two beams to the pole.

Make sure your jump is lined up to the top of the little stone column you are trying for.

Jump from this column to the pole.

Swing forward and land on the next platform.

Run up and around this platform. Jump to the last pole switch.

Congrats you've done it.

The last tumbler will fall into place.

Steps will come up out of the water.

And the last assassin's tomb will open.

Walk in and loot the treasures.

Open the tomb, and collect the seal.

Exit through the trap door on the floor.

Visitazione's Secret will now be synched.