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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Supply and Demand

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A green circle will appear on your map. The guy you need to follow is in that circle.

Use your eagle vision to locate him.

The most annoying part of this mission, which is basically the entire mission, is following this guy. He walks really slowly.

He's really easy to follow, just don't get too close.

This box guy had me trapped beteen him and a wall. He walks into me drops his box, and the guards get pissed off.

The guards end up pushing me too close to this guy. Which makes him look at me.

Even then he doesn't get mad. If he is staring at you, just move away until he continues walking. Then you can start following again.

Eventually you will catch up with this little gang.

Use your eagle vision to locate the leader.

Then take them out.

Supply and demand should now be synched.