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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Vertical Slice

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Make your way to the North of the guards. The North most guard is the easiest to take out.

Walk past this guard and then climb the wall up to the roof above.

The guard walking up here is your first target.

You can verify this with your eagle eye.

When he gets close pull him off of the roof.

Move South. Hang over the ledge here.

Crawl across to the wooden hiding spot.

Be aware that there is a target roaming around here. So keep out of his line of sight.

Hide in the box.

Then assassinate your target when he gets close enough.

There's another target nearby but he's on top of the tower. So we'll leave him until last.

Get down to street level.

There's a wagon full of leaves. I guess you could just dive in to it from the roofs above.

When your next target stands in front of the wagon, take him out.

Move down the stairs to the next target.

The target is right above Ezio. When he has his back turned, drop off the ledge here into the group of mercenaries.

The mercenaries will hide you until you are ready to make your move.

Follow your target when he walks past you.

Then give him a little taste of poison.

Wait for him to pass, and then start making your way back to the tower.

Get on top of the box you were previously hiding in. And then jump to the North East.

You will grab the iron on the side of the tower.

Climb up and then move to the left.

Go around the tower's corner.

Climb up the window, and then go to the left again.

Round the left corner again.

Once again climb up as far as you can.

Then round the left corner once more.

Climb up here.

Then jump to the right or left rooftop.

Wait for your target to get close, and then pull him off of the roof.

Vertical Slice will now be Synched.