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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough No Camping

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Three targets will appear on your map. They are very spread out, and you have a time limit.

Run to the nearest city exit. Mine happened to be to the North. It's probably better to start this quest from the Southern most bird cage.

Anyways I went to the North most target first.

Go behind the building and climb up on the roof.

Use your Eagle vision to identify your target. Target him, and then leap off the building to assassinate him. We'll try to do this at every target's location.

When he's dead just jump back on your horse, and go to the next target. Don't worry about finishing off the guards. It would take too much time. I'm sorry I didn't get too many screenshots for that part, but my capture device froze. And I didn't realize it.

Run to the back of the buliding where your target is.

Use your eagle vision to identify your target.

Target him, and then leap off and assassinate him.

If they see you before you can do that it's no big deal.

Just jump off and start killing guards. You can turn on your eagle vision to identify which one you need to kill again. Focus on him.

When he's dead, get on your horse and move to the next target.

I'm pretty low on time here, because I spent too much time fighting the last group of guards.

You can see how easy the target is to locate with your eagle vision on.

And that's the end of that target.

No camping is now synched.