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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Flee Market

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There's a green and red area on your map. The green area is when you are getting warm, and the red area is restricted. The restricted area is where your targets are.

Make your way into the green area. You should be in a large open courtyard type area. There are two groups of Courtesans here. So grab one of them.

Send them to destract the three guards guarding the entrace to the restricted area.

Make your way past them.

When you enter this area, the guards will notice you and the guys you need to kill will flee. I guess that's why they call it flee market.

Chase the two guys are are after. They travel together, so it's not too hard to keep track of them. Just make sure you stay away from the guards.

It's hard to kill the guys you are running after, because they are pretty fast.

They will run in to some thieves along the way, and the thieves will slow them down.

When you get a chance take them out.

When they are dead Flee Market will be Synched.

Of course you will still be surrounded by guards. So take them out or run from them.