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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Torre Grossa's Secret

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You can start this assassin's tomb mission by activing the glowing skull. Which can be found at the following map location.

Here's the map location of Torre Grossa's Secret.

Wall run up the wall next to the ladder.

You will grab a couple of ledges that are above you. Work your way around to the right.

Keep going until you reach the next ledge.

Active the switch on the wall next to the gate to open it.

There are three guards in the next room, and they are on high alert. It's really a pain in the butt to avoid them. So I just take them down.

They all roam around the area, but you should be able to fight one at a time if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Anyways, finish those guards off.

On the Southern most wall there's a stack of barrels. Climb on top of them.

Jump to the beam, and then to the platform in the corner.

Pull yourself up on to the platform, and then jump across to the rail on the right.

Shimmy to the right and then pull yourself up to the top of the beam.

Walk on the walkway to about here, and then jump across to the rail on the wall.

Shimmy to the right.

Go around the corner, and you'll see a platform there.

Pull yourself up to the top of the platform.

You will enter a room with a walkway over it.

Go up the stairs to your left.

Wall run up the wall here.

There's a guard up here. Take him out.

There are a couple poles on the wall, and some wooden rails.

Wall run up the wall that's straight ahead, and then jump to the left. You can wall run up a wall and then jump to the left or right by pressing your direction stick in that drection and then pressing X.

Here's a shot of Ezio doing just that.

Swing across the two poles to the far wall.

Shimmy to the left, and then climb up.

Drop down to the edge and then shimmy to the left.

Climb up so that you are standing, and then move to the left.

Move from ring to ring until you reach the next platform.

There's a treasure chest over here.

Flip the switch on the wall to drop the grate.

Jump to the pole, and then to the beam.

Climb to the area on your right.

You'll get a cutscene. There are a couple of guards in the next room. I think there are three of them on the bottom level.

There is a brute in the room. He will give you the most trouble. Take him out with two throwing knives.

There are two other guards, but they are very easy to melee. Take them out now, because you don't want to deal with them later.

There's a pile of firewood next to the fireplace. Wall run up from the top of that wood.

You will grab this ordamental column.

Work your way to the left, and then climb up on the platform.

A guard will spot you when you are up here.

Jump across and then take the two guards out.

When they are dead, jump out to the chandelier that is hanging nearby.

Jump to the second and then the third chandelier.

There are some indentations in the wall. They look like plaques. Jump to them .

Move from the plaque to the window, and then climb up to the next plaque.

Keep climbing until you can use some rungs to get to a platform.

If you look out across the room, there is a guard. There are also some poles and a rope crossing the room.

Jump to the pole, then the rope, and then the next pole.

You will eventually end up on a ledge under the balcony where the guard is.

Climb up and take the guard out.

Before you go any further, there is another secret area here. See the rungs above the door in the picture? That's the way to the secret area.

Climb up those rungs, and then back jump to the wooden beam.

Jump to the next beam.

And again.

Jump across to the next beam.

Turn to your left, and jump to the next beam.

Walk out on to the beam that connects to the middle of the one you are on.

Then jump across these beams to the wall.

Shimmy to the left, you will end up standing on a platform with a treasure chest on it.

There's the treasure.

Climb up the box, and then jump across the beams.

Jump to the wall, and you will fall to the floor in the section you were previously on.

Go through this archway to continue further into this assassin's tomb.

You will get another cut scene here.

Run up the ramp to the door in the wall.

Jump across the first beam to the second one.

Walk to the right. The beam you are on will T into another one. Jump across the next beam to the second beam.

This beam becomes a T as well.

Jump from here to the next beam.

Immediately back up to the platform the archer is on.

Get close to him and then assassinate him.

Jump over ther rail and climb up the ladder.

Here's a shot of Ezio at the top of the ladder.

Jump on the rail and then to the beam.

This beam is a T beam. Jump from here to the platform.

Jump from this platform across the two beams to the third beam.

There are a couple grooves in the wall, with some rings above them.

Jump to them, and then climb the rings to the top.

Wait for both archers to start walking away, and then swing right across the rings.

Grab the beams above you, and then shimmy left to the platform the archers are on.

Take the archers out. They are easy. Simple counter attacks will take all these guys down.

Wall run up the wall here. At the top of your run back jump to the beam.

Here's a shot of it being done.

Climb to the top of the beam, and then jump to the rungs in the wall.

Use them to shimmy over to the huge beam.

Jump to the middle beam, and then walk to your left.

Jump to the next beam, and then walk to your left.

You can walk over to the other side.

Jump to the middle beam, and then walk to your right.

Jump across the beam, to the rungs in the wall.

Climb the rungs to the wood railing on the wall.

Shimmy to the right, to the holes in the wall.

Shimmy across them to the beam.

Walk across the beam, and then wall run up the beam to the rungs in it.

Climb up the rungs to the assassin's tomb.

There are some treasure chests to collect up here.

When you are done with that open the assassin's tomb.

Climb up the ladder and use the exit.

Torre Grossa's Secret should now be synched.