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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Romagna Holiday

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This mission is all about driving Leonardo's wagon to safety.

You can't vary the speed of the wagon. The only thing you can really do is turn it.

Bandits will climb on the back of the wagon. First they will be on the side.

Then they will climb up to the top. You can shake them off mainly by making very hard turns.

Eventually they will fall off.

In the case that they don't, they will climb up and attack you. Pound circle to grab them and throw them off of the wagon. Lenardo is hiding inside and of very little use.

Watch the Carriage Health. During this part of the drive the wagon only gets damaged by running into things.

So try to steer it properly. I usually don't even worry about the guys on back at this point. They will fall off when you are just making the correct turns.

Eventually you will come to a bridge that has been set on fire. You'll get a cut scene when you reach it.

The next section of road will have archers shooting flaming arrows into the road. Somehow these arrows burst into giant pools of flame that you've got to steer around.

They are pretty big for an arrow to make.

You'll also have guys climbing aboard again. Just pay attension to the road, and forget about the bandits climbing aboard.

Here's a shot of one of the bandits attacking Ezio.

Eventually you will get another cut scene. Ezio will tell Leonardo to continue on. Ezio will stay behind to delay the pursuit by killing it.

You will be attacked by six or seven bandits who look amazingly similar to guards. Anyways kill them.

When they are dead walk into the waypoint.

Romagna Holiday will now be synched.