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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Tutti a Bordo

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There's a boat in the water that you need to swim to. Unforuntately my capture device locked up, and I missed some photos here. The boat is marked by a waypoint on your map. Climb aboard the boat, and walk to the oar. Use Circle to man the oar, and circle to move forward. You can travel fairly fast on this boat by timing your strokes.

There's a girl stranded on an island. Go pick her up. There's a waypoint marking her location.

When you have collected her, bring her back to the waypoint on your map.

The boats are pretty easy to steer, and this is a very simple mission.

When you drop her off at the docks she will talk to the ship captain and tell him that you can catch a ride on it.

Nothing like a woman's scorn.

Tutti a Bordo should now be synched.