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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough San Gimignano Dash

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We start this run on top of a wall tower. This run is a pain in the butt. There are lots of places where you can mess up. Run across the nearby cat walk to the next roof.

Run through the waypoint on this roof.

The next waypoint is to your right. Jump down to the lower roof, and run through that waypoint.

Line yourself up for this next series of beams, poles and plaforms.

Jump from the pole to the beam to the platform.

There's a ladder to your left. If you end up on it that means you are not starting far enough to the right. So the next time you try start further to the right. The waypoint you are trying to reach is on this little roof.

Jump from this little roof to the next pole. That will take you to another beam, a box of crates, and then another beam.

Eventually you will run onto a roof. Wall run up the wall here.

Then wall run up the next wall. I spared 2 seconds to take out a guard which I didn't include a shot of. I find the guards annoying so I take them out on my race.

There's a waypoint on top of the roof here.

There is a rope bridge up here.Take your time to align yourself properly to it. Then run across it.

Yep I took out another guard here.

Turn to your left and run up the wall here. If you look closely at the photo you can see the next waypoint in it.

Continue straight ahead, and then jump to the next roof. This is a long drop.

Run across that roof, jump from the edge of it to the beam and then to the next roof here.

They waypoint is on this beam.

Move forward just a bit, and then run up the wall here. You can see the next waypoint in this photo. It's above and a little to the left of Ezio.

Run through that waypoint, and then leap across to the next roof.

Collect the waypoint here.

Climb up on top of the chimney spout, and then jump to the next roof.

Run forward and then to the right through the waypoint.

I let this guard live. You can see the next waypoint here. Run to the left around this corner a bit.

Then jump across to the little roof on the right.

Run to the waypoint.

Continue straight ahead. Jump to the pole.

You'll swing on the pole, and then jump to a beam.

Walk to the left on the beam.

Then wall run up to the next waypoint.

There's a rope walkway to your left. Run across it. If you need to take a second to line it up, go ahead and do it. But don't take more than that.

Jump to the chimney vent on the right. Then jump down to the waypoint.

Dive off in to the hay.

Get out of the hay and collect the waypoint.

Run over to these barrels for the next waypoint.

You are going to be crossing a series of beams and poles here. It's important to stay left close to the wall, or you will miss a pole and waste time.

Continue down this series of beams and poles.

You will collect the waypoint that's in the middle of this thing, and avoid people by staying up here.

We are almost done. Collect the waypoint shown in the photo and then run slightly to the right.

Here's the second to the last waypoint. We are running for the Southern most city gate now.

And here's the last waypoint. There's really no tricks to these last waypoints. Just sprint through them all.

San Gimignano Dash should now be Synched