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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 9 - Missing Supplies

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Once you've taken control of Connor ride your horse to the marked place on the map and speak with Washington. He will give you the task of finding the person responsible for stealing the supplies.

Head to the abandoned church where you will meet your father.

After having spoken to him search for traces of the thief. The first clue can be found on the road in front of the building.

The second is on the same road but slightly to the left.

Examine them, head to the green zone marked on the map and start chasing the cart.

After youre done interrogating the driver, head to the marked spot and begin following the convoy passing by there.

Begin following the people whilst staying inside the evesdrop circle. You can jump inside the moving haybale but this will cost you full synchronisation.

Jump out of the haybale and head into the bushes on the right and quickly kill the soldier on the left.

Once he's dead continue following the gang members while staying within the circle.

It is advised to stick to the right side of the passage. From the bushes there you will be able to kill the second enemy.

The this is waiting in the hut by which the pair of thieves will stop.

As you reach the end of the camp, you will note that your father has been captured by the mercenaries. Free him and kill all thirteen enemies to end the mission.