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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 8 - Second Energy Source

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After taking control of Desmond head to the upper floor and head to the gates.

The gaurds there wont let you pass.

Head to the door on the right.

You will reach a small courtyard with some more gaurds.

Sneak around in the bushes till you reach the door with the two people standing there.

You will need to continue forward, stick to walking with groups so you won't be noticed by the gaurds.

Head down the stairs and through the toilets to the exit on the other side.

A little further on you will find another passage this time to the right.

Continue forward where you will find an open window leading to a stair case.

An abstergo gaurd will be patrolling this corridor. Follow him and hide in a crowd as he turns around, whilst in the crowd wait until he walks past you then continue on.

After you get to the end of the hallway and enter the room climb across the support beams and head to the opposite corner of the stadium.

Inside you will witness a murder and Daniel Cross will run away.

Chase Daniel and beat him up when he stops.

After obtaining the power source, the guards will start chasing you. Run away from then and head towards the underground. The path will be marked by blue signs saying metro. The mission will end as you enter the train.

Head to the previously opened passage to the right of the animus.

Keep running upwards while jumping between broken staircases.

As the stairs end, keep goin onwards toward the stone ramp. Don't climb it instead go down the stairs to the very bottom and enter the room to the left.

From there you will be able to climb up the wall to the next panel. Use it to unlock the gate.

You should return there after collecting the third scouce. However for now return to the Animus.