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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 8 - Something on the Side

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To begin the mission fast travel to new york. Jump on a horse and follow your contact.

You will reach a market place. Your next mission will be to follow a counterfieter without getting detected.

Follow him whilst hiding behind groups of people and the edge of buildings.

Eventually the man will meet with one of his ascociates. Run up the stairs to the right and hide behind the barrels. This way you can evesdrop the whole conversation without having to move.

The men will begin to walk, you will need to follow them whilst staying inside the marked area in order to listen in on their conversation.

Eventually you will reach their hideout where you will need to chase down Hickey. It is important that you run fast enough to escape the enemies. Head down the street to the left.

Afterwards head to the second alley on the right and turn left

Behind the second wooden stair case you will have to turn right again.

At the end of the street you will see an indoor market. Run around it from the left side and wait for Hickey there. When he appears, catch up with him with the free run button pressed and press the attack button to knock him down. Unfortunately this game element isnít done so well and sometimes Connor might not react at all. Therefore you should try to be as close as 1-2 steps behind before attacking him. If youíre in front him, Connor probably wonít know how to react. The path described above is one of the easiest ones and will let you avoid bigger groups of people.