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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 8 - Bridewell Prison

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Head to the hole in the wall in your cell. Listen to the prisoner's conversation. When it finishes head to the bed and go to sleep.

In the morning exit your cell and head down to the floor where all the other prisoners are. Use eagle vision to locate the target you will speak to him and he will give you a new task.

After playing a short puzzle with the man, you will need to steal from the marked prisoner then return to your cell and sleep.

You will find that the key doesn't work. Head back to Mason and he will instruct you to begin a fight.

Aproach the marked men and attack them. In order to beat them without taking too much damage make sure to use counter attacks.

You will end up being locked away in a cell. Wait until the gaurd stands by the door with his back turned. Steal the key from him.

Follow the gaurd and quickly run up the stairs as he turns left.

After talking to your associate, approach the room in front of you. As the gaurd passes by turn right and run up the stairs to the very top level.

You will noticed by a nearby enemy, hide in the cell wait until he comes close and kill him.

Run to the marked cell. The mission will end.