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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 7 - Battle of Bunker Hill

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To begin this mission jump onto the horse that is standing near the shore, follow the patriot.

Listen to Putnam's speech. You will then need to cross the battlefield. To get full synchronisation you need to get across without being hit. Run behind cover and wait 2-3 seconds after hearing the patriot shout ' take cover ' then run to the next bit of cover.

Firstly head all the way to the left.

From the third rock you need to run down to the fallen tree.

Wait behind the tree for the next round of shots to be fired. Once they've been shot sprint to the green marker as fast as you can.

From there simply follow the pathway in the forrest. Kill any enemies that get in your way.

To reach the next point you need to climb up the rocks to the right of you.

Your next target is Pitcairn himself.

Head into the nearby bushes and go as far left as you can. You will pass two single enemies.

Kill them from behind quietly.

Once you've killed the two enemies run over to the tree and climb up onto it.

Walk to the edge of the branch.

Wait until Pitcairn walks underneath it.

"When he does you can jump down and assassinate him.