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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 9 - A Bitter End

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You will take control of the ship and will have to sail between Caribbean isles. Start off with half sails so that you can manoeuvre and avoid damaging the ship.

As you reach the abandoned ship, you will notice the refugee. Begin chasing him.

Whilst youre sailing through the rocks, its vital that you manage your sails. If the wind is bad, go half sail and manoeuvre the ship.

Once you reach the marked area, you will be tasked with destroying the enemy ships. Attack them with the swivvel gun.

After destroying the last ship go into the weapon menu and choose the chain shot.

Fire the chain shots at the refugee to destroy it's mast without destroying the ship.

Sail up next to it and press the interact button to board the ship.

Your task will now be to kill three officers they will be marked with red dots.

To do this run to the officer in front of you right after boarding the ship.

He will lead you to the end of the ship where you will be attacked by a group of enemies. Kill them all and the officer.

The other officers will be waiting for you on the other side of the ship. Find and kill them. After this the mission will end.