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Assassins Creed Walkthrough Memory Block 2

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The lady assistant, Lucy, thinks you're too tired to go on.

Get up and walk through your room, to the bathroom. Listen to their conversation through the vents.

Afterward, the doctor will have a word with you.

When he leaves, talk to Lucy for some backstory.

Time to go to bed.

You'll wake up to the doctor hovering over you. You'll have a nice conversation with him.

You're instructed to get back on the medical table.

At the start of Memory Block 2, you'll lose most of your abilities. You have to earn back the trust of the Bureau.

Leave the castle. Talk to the man at the gates.

Head down to the city.

Sit on a nearby bench and eavesdrop to find out some information.

You'll be pointed toward a basket weaver involved with a traitor.

Go to the basket weaver, marked on your map. Activate the Pickpocket mission. Wait for him to stop talking and walk away.

Carefully creep up onto the basket weaver as he is walking up the path and hold the pick pocket button.

The information you gather will point you to the traitor. You will need to interrogate him.

Follow him to a secluded place.

Punch him until he talks.

You will then bring him before Al Mualim.

You will be rewarded with your Assassin's Blade and Long Blade.

Al Mualim will give you a new mission.

You can practice some weapon tutorials in the castle courtyard.

Run down to the village and out through the city gates. You'll reach some horses.

Get on a horse and ride it to Kingdom, which looks like some mountains on your map. Jump any obstacles in your path.

You will eventually reach a tall building.

Climb the building and synchronize the viewpoint.

Your map will now show objectives within the area and other viewpoints in sight.

Take a leap of faith down into the hay.

Continue on, toward Damascus.

You can climb any viewpoints you find on the way.

These aren't necessary, but if you're a completionist you may want to do so.

The view as you reach Damascus is breathtaking. Ride down the hill toward the city.

You'll come to a citizen that needs to be saved from the soldiers.

Defeat the soldiers.

The citizen will thank you. In return for saving him, there will be some scholars near the city gates.

Blend in with them to make it into the city without being attacked.

You'll find 12 more citizens needing help within the city walls.

Saving these citizens are optional, but they will earn you more protection from the guards and eventually more life bars.

Look for tall buildings with eagles flying around them. These are viewpoints.

Climb these and synchronize to find objectives to complete within the city.

Press the Select button to view your map. It will show you the current revealed objectives. It will also show you your current mission.

Climb the towers until you reveal at least two investigation objectives: Pickpocket, Eavesdrop, or Interrogate.

You can highlight any object on your map and press a button to set a marker, which will make it show up on your game's radar. This makes it a bit easier to find what you are looking for without needing to go back to the map multiple times.

Go to your investigative objectives.

Complete at least two out of the six objectives.

This will reveal an Assassination Memory.

Head to the Assassins' Bureau in this city. You'll find the entrance on the rooftop.

Talk to the Bureau leader. He will give you the information you need to carry out your assassination.

When you get near the target, Tamir, there will be a cut scene. He will murder one of his merchants.

After the cut scene, blend in. Walk up behind him and use your assassin's blade on him.

Altair will chat with his victim.

Run from the guards, toward the Assasins' Bureau. You'll need to find a hiding spot, so the guards will stop chasing you, before you can enter the Bureau.

Tell the leader of the Bureau of your success.