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Assassins Creed Walkthrough Memory Block 6

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You will awaken from the Animus again.

Talk to Lucy for some back story.

Head to bed.

You will talk to Vidic in the morning.

Get back into the Animus.

You will tell Al Mualim of your successful mission.

You will be promoted a final time. You'll get more Throwing Knives and Sword Damage.

Head to Jerusalem again. Head to the Middle District. Look for view points to climb.

Climb a view point and synchronize. This will reveal the remaining view points and nearby objectives.

You can optionally save citizens. This will reward you with support in the city and health (you might be full of health by now.)

Complete at least three objectives. Your choices will be two pickpocket missions, two very hard assassination informer missions as well as an eavesdropping and interrogation.

Climb more view points, as needed, to reveal additional objectives.

Once you have at least three objectives done, enter the Assassin's Bureau.

Get the feather from the Bureau leader.

Head to the funeral, where your assassination target will be.

One of them will spot you.

They will attack. There will also be archers shooting down at you.

It may be best to run somewhere into the city where the archers aren't shooting at you. The counter attack is very useful in this fight. If you're having difficulty it might be helpful to get on a roof and throw the soldiers off as they come up.

Assassinate your target.

You'll find that Robert wasn't there after all. Instead a woman was in his place.

Return to the Bureau and tell them what happened.

Exit the city and ride to Kingdom.

You want to head to Arsuf, in the lower left of Kingdom.

There is really only one path to follow in Arsuf. You'll find some archers to kill early on.

Then you'll come to a barricade with some Archers on top.

Climb up and kill the archers.

Drop down the the other side and fight more enemies.

Keep heading down the path. You'll come to a natural rock bridge.

Enemies will drop down and attack.

As you continue forward, more enemies will jump off a ledge and attack.

Up ahead, you'll have another large group to battle.

Climb over the next barricade.

Once last battle before reaching your target.

You'll meet up with King Richard and his men.

You'll accuse Robert of being a traitor.

Richard decides that whoever wins the battle is the one telling the truth. This is probably the toughest fight of the game.

Counter attacks will be very useful for killing enemies and not getting hit.

After you defeat all the men, you'll fight Robert. He is probably the toughest enemy in the game.

You'll notice you can't hit him when he's down.

Talking to these people you've killed, you begin to believe there is corruption in your ranks.

King Richard will let you leave unharmed.