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Assassins Creed Walkthrough Memory Block 3

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You will be released from the Animus again to get some rest.

Ask Lucy some questions if you wish. You won't learn a whole lot.

You'll also be able to access the emails on the terminal attached to the Animus.

Go to your room and sleep.

When you awake, you'll have a conversation with Vidic.

Go back into the Animus.

You'll tell Al Mualim of your success.

He will increase you to Rank 2, giving you a Short Blade and your Counter skill.

You can practice your counter skill in the courtyard. This is one of the easier ways to vanquish enemies.

Ride your way to Acre, by way of Kingdom.

On your way through Kingdom, you can climb the view points and synchronize if you desire.

When you reach Acre, help the citizen being harassed by the guards.

This will make some Monks appear and you can blend with them to enter the gates.

You'll want to climb up to a view point. From now on, there will be archers on the rooftops. If you get to them quick enough, you can use your assassin's blade to dispatch them.

Synchronize with a view point. You will then have the rest of the view points marked on your map.

The view points will also reveal objectives on your map.

Continue to synchronize view points, to reveal objectives.

It will also reveal citizens that need saving. Completing these help increase your health bar and give you support in the city.

Some new types of objectives will be available in this area. There are two informers, one interrigation, two pickpockets, and one eavesdropping mission.

One of them you talk to an informant and he has you assassinate a target. On your way to the target and back to the informant you must not alert any guards or you'll have to start the mission over.

Another informant will make you chase down 20 flags in 3 minutes.

When you've completed at least two objectives, go to the Assassins' Bureau in this city. It is located on the roof and will only be open if you aren't being chased by guards.

Collect your feather from this Bureau leader.

Follow your map to the Hospitalier fortress. You'll see Garnier de Naplouse talking to a fleeing patient.

After the cut scene, go in the doorway to your left-rear.

You'll see Garnier treating patients. Sneak up on him when he's at a patient and kill him with your assassins' blade.

Run away from the guards and find a hiding spot to get them off your back.

Head back to the Assassins' bureau.

Show the feather to the bureau leader.

Return to Masyaf.

Al Mualim will promote you to Rank 3, giving you Throwing Knives and a Tackle ability.

Ride to Jerusalem.

You can sneak in like usual, fight your way in, or climb over the wall.

The citizen to save will be in the graveyard, an appropriate place to kill the guards.

Once you are in the gates, climb the first view point you find. This will reveal the rest of your view points in this area, plus any nearby objectives. Continue to climb view points to reveal more objectives, if needed.

As usual there will be citizens within the city to save. This is optional, but will reward you with health and help in the city.

Complete at least two objectives. Your choices are assassination informer, flag informer, interrigation, two pickpockets, and one eavesdropping mission.

When you're done with your objectives, go to the Assassins' bureau.

Get the feather from the bureau leader.

When heading for the assassination target, you can use the monks to blend past the guards.

You'll find people locked in cages.

Walk into the light when asked to.

Talal will reveal himself.

He'll have his soldiers attack you.

Once you defeat them, climb up the ladder.

There will be another archer to take out up here.

Follow Talal onto the roof.

Chase after him.

You'll have to run across the rooftops to reach him.

Use your assassins' blade on him.

Run from the guards and hide to get them off your back.

Tell the Bureau leader of your success.