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Bastion Walkthrough Colford Cauldron

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Ah, Colford Cauldron, one of my favorite missions.

No, it is not because of the annoying green eyes...

...nor the exploding sunflowers and stinkweeds.

Not because of the awesome scenery either.

It is because..

The second most awesome weapon is here. Fire Bellows.

Ranked right after the Breaker Bow, this thing can burn everything.

There is Something Heavy to the east of the bushes.

Continue going south. You will find some peckers, but it doesn't matter, you can burn them to death.

Wanna know the most awesome feature of the Fire Bellows? It goes through defence.

Now you can destroy those eyes...


...plants or whatever without any sort of difficulty.

After you destroy your enemies and the bushes over here

A pecker nest will appear.

...Something Pointy. I really don't recommend changing the Fire Bellows, at least not for this mission, because there are a lot of armored enemies.

Continue going west.

It's full of those shielded weeds and floating eyes, but it should be pretty easy with the Bellows.

You should find the shard after a long walk through a minefield of eyes.

After you get it, they will become hostile and attack you.

Now all you have to do is go back from the way you came from.

With a bit of changes.

You will find a skyway, but it doen't return you to the Bastion.

It throws you off into more Stinkeyes.

Continue your way north-west through the bushes.

Becareful, since the sunflowers..


Finally, you will find the skyway to the Bastion.

Use the shard, and you're ready to upgrade another building.