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Bastion Walkthrough Roathus Lagoon

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This is a really pretty place.

Right at the start, you will find the Sneak, Decoy skill. It turns you invisible and places a 'fake kid' right at your location.

It's full of Lunkheads, Peckers and annoyances of the sorts.

There is a cache of fragments to the north.

Continue your way south, until you see one of the most annoying enemies in the game:


Going south-east you will meet a new enemy: Stinkweed. It throws gas at you, that deals damage over time and blures your vision.

Careful in the high grass, queen Anne usually attacks you if you stand in it.

Right above the pond you will find the Brusher's Pike. It is a mix between the Cael Hammer and War Machete. You do long range, but slow attacks like the Cael Hammer, or you can throw it at enemies like the War Machete.

Continue your way through the jungle, but be careful with the high grass.

Right north of the high grass, you will find an arsenal and a fruit that restores a bit of health.

I really recommend keeping the Sneaky Decoy and the Brusher's Pike with you, it would be immensly useful soon.

This is what happens when you're not careful in the grass. Queen Anne attacks you and shoots you in the air.

Don't try to kill her though, she is invicible.

To the north, there is a hidden cache of fragments in the grass.

After going through the thick grass, go north-east.

Kill the stinkweed.

And grab Something Pointy.

After going through this piece of grass...

...go to the right and you will find... anklegator egg. It's a lore and a pet item.

Go to the west of the egg and you should find Queen Anne and the Shard.

Get the shard and you will be able to kill Queen Anne.

Strategy is, walk above her and press the space bar.

After her head is above ground, attack her with your Brusher's Pike.

After a bit of time she will spawn enemies of stationary types. Also, the more damage you deal, the faster Queeny becomes.

After she becomes too fast for you to dodge her, start using Sneak, Decoy skill.

After you're done, there is a small stash of supplies to the west.

After you're done with everything, the skyway to the south will take you to the Bastion.

Use the shard and upgrade another structure.

I chose the Memorial for more challenges and rewards.