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Bastion Walkthrough The Wild Outskirts

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Right in the beggining you will find the dueling pistols.

The faster you press the right mouse button, the faster they will shoot.

It is a really useful weapon when fighting the birds, especially when you upgrade it.

You will find the core right in the beggining. It's not one of the longest missions.

After you take the core, all of the spikes will disappear.

This is a week that is similar to a turtle.

Shoot it when it's open.

This place is an open area. I will show you the locations of the points of interest.

Arsenal over here, quite close.

Something Greasy is to the east of the arsenal.

New enemy. This is a frog like creature. He is defended from the front, but he is weak from the behind.

Just wait for him to jump, and roll behind him.

Next point of interest here. A bit of lore, a black tonic, and 2 green flowers that heal you when you bumb into them.

Next one is the sandbag, a bit to the south of the last point of interest.

It drops Something Foul.

After you're done with that, you've reached the end of the level.

After you're back, you will find Fractured Monument, a lore item.

You will also lose one of your NPCs.

And using the core this time does not bring you any bonuses.