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Bastion Walkthrough Langston River

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This one is pretty long.

Go forward until you find a button. Activate it to start the ride.

It will automatically destroy the stabweeds.

It is not too hard of a sequence, just make sure you have a ranged weapon to kill most things with.

It will be mainly gasfellas and turrets in your way.

Just kill everything on the way until you crash.

In this sequence all you have to do is move forward and kill things, quite self explanatory.

There is an arsenal nearby, if you wish to switch your weapons. I recommend getting an accurate ranged weapon for the rest of the mission.

Go south until you find the core. Take it and go back to the vehicle.

This time it will be waiting with turrets of its own.

It's the same ride as the first time. Kill stuff while on the move and crash in the end.

After a bit you will speed up and your cannons will...

...blow up.

You will crash and fly off.

Before going to the next part, make sure you go south.

There are potions there.

To continue, go to the opening over here.