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Bastion Walkthrough Prosper Bluff

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Prosper Bluff is the second part of the mission "Langston River"

This one is filled with switches, skyways and birds.

The purple plants on the ground are quite disorientating.

Shooting at them turns them into a cloud that blurs up your screen.

Stepping on them has the same effect. They also deal damage.

Remember to explore everything before you use a switch or a skyway, otherwise you might miss something.

Just continue going forward, nothing complicated in this area.

On your way, you should find a lore item. It is not hidden by any chance so it should be quite easy to see it.

In the end of the mission you will find a girl. Talk to her to finish the mission and return to the Bastion.

You gained another NPC.

And using the core will give you...

...another spot for a building.