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Bastion Walkthrough Point Lemaign

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Right from the start there are those annoying flowers...

...but the game instantly makes up for it. You can find a new weapon right here.

It is a sniper rifle-like gun. You press and hold the right mouse trigger, increasing your accuracy with every second.

A weapon much like the breaker bow if you ask me.

Go north until you find rail tracks.

The camera will start moving by itself in this section. All you have to do is not fall behind or fall off the tracks.

Would've been rather easy if not the floating green eyeballs.

The way is full of weeds.

Some even on the tracks.

But if you're careful, it shouldn't be too hard.

After the end of the tracks you will find a bridge with some barrels next to it. Don't try to destroy them, they are invunerable.

To the far west, you will find a potion. But it might not be worth picking up since... enemy likes to spawn there after you pick it up.

Go a bit to the north and there is a bridge much like the bridge from the last screenshot. There is weed there though.

He gives you a black tonic if you manage to kill him.

Further north, you will find an arsenal.

South of the Arsenal, there is Something Sharp.

After gathering the crafting material, just continue going north-east.

After a bit of walking, you will find the core. Pick it up.

A rail will appear, one that is the same as before.

This one is full of weeds on the tracks and peckers.

On the tracks you can find Something Fancy.

At the end of the tracks, just continue going north-east.

You will find an NPC.

After you talk to him...

...he will knock you out and put a note for you to read.

After you take the note, go north east. You will find the Skyway that will take you to the Bastion there.

Use the core and you will be able to upgrade a building yet again.

I upgraded the Distillery since it gives you useful Spirits.