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Bastion Walkthrough Mount Zand

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This level is full of indestructible bushes. You gotta be careful right from the beggining, with the leaping Lunkhead.

Fire Bellows are extremely useful in taking him down.

Not long after, even two attack you.

Go east when you can to find Something Greasy.

North of Something Greasy is a cache of fragments.

After you got those, you can just continue going north to get out of the bushes.

Seeing something for a change is nice.

After going out of the bushes, go to over here.

You will have to fight an Anklegator and a stinkweed.

In the end you get a black tonic and 50 fragments.

Continue going north.

After a bit you will find the Galleon Mortar, which is quite the interesting weapon.

You right click and hold to set the range of the weapon.

Release at the right moment...

...and boom.

It deals damage over an area... it's quite easy to destroy most stacked up things.

If you don't like it, you can change it at the arsenal east of where you found it.

Close to the arsenal you will find the Fine Gramophone, lore item.

I pretty much reccomend havig either the Galleon Mortar or the Flame Bellows for this mission.

Since there are groups of enemies.

That are no match for the Mortar.

Also, many long range targets.

This area is like a maze, just a lot easier to find your way across.

You will find a Skybridge at the end of it.

It will take you right to the shard.

After you take the shard two Lungblossoms will appear though.

Taking care of them shouldn't be too hard, considering they are surrounded by explosives.

Target them one by one and you should be able to do it.

Just be careful around the sunflowers.

And always take care of the smaller creatures first.

After you're done, take the Skybridge. It will take you right to the Bastion.

Use the core and upgrade another building.