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Bastion Walkthrough Burstone Quarry

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This mission has a unique tileset.

New enemies as well.

They like to hide under the ground and throw rocks at you.

But they are not too hard to take care of, as long as you take care of them one by one.

North East you will find a friendly Gasfella.

Also, a lot of annoying rocks, Stinkeyes, and Wallflowers.

If you have the Breaker Bow, it shouldn't be too hard taking care of them, since the bow can pierce through the rocks.

You can click on the switch to...

...change the possition of the rocks.

The way is pretty linear. If you can get across, just press on one of the switches.

It's full of all sorts of ranged creatures though. Really recommended you bring a ranged weapon with you.

Funnily enough, most of the Gasfellas are on your side.

It shouldn't be too hard, considering you've been fighting these creatures for so long.

North, there is a cache of fragments.

Continue going south-east for now.

You will find an Arsenal right after the switch in the last screenshot.

Right after the Arsenal, you will find a switch.

Use it to open up the wall of rocks.

You will find Something Stringy.

Click on the switch again to open the other set of rocks and continue from there.

You will find another switch, that will open the way to the left.

Click on it and continue your way forward.

It is pretty much the same as before now. If you can't continue, click on the switch and you will be able to.

Going forward a bit, you will find a giant Lunkhead.

He is pretty much the same as the normal ones. He just has more damage and health.

After you deal with him, a Rattle-tail (aka a chicken) will appear. Shouldn't be too hard to dispose of.

You can find Something Coarse right where the giant Lunkhead was standing when you found him.

Continue your way south.

You will find an old friend here.

Talk to him, press the switch and you will gain access to the Shard.

Continue your way to the skyway and you will return to the Bastion.

Returning to the Bastion this time won't be as easy though.

Zura warriors will be waiting for you at the entrance.

You won't be able to take the main entrance.

But you have the back one.

You can find a Harp Guitar over here.

And a stash of fragments on the opposite side.

Continue your way and you will find a Skyway.

Get rid of the Ura warriors.

Your pets that you've gathered through the game: the Anklegator, Pecker, Squirt and Mechanical Pyth will be helping you.

After you're done, place the Shard.

Some parts of the Bastion will be fixed, and you will be able to upgrade one of the Buildings, as per usual.

Urzendra Gate

This place is filled with Ura warriors, which can be pretty annoying.

Right in the beggining, go north to find a stash of fragments.

After you start going east, you will be teleported.

You will have to fight more creatures of the forest.

Going forward you will find Lunkheads that will want to ruin your day.

After defeating them and going forward...

You will be teleported yet again.

Stash of fragments south from where you entered the area .

I didn't do it in this playthrough, but explore to the east first and then to the west.

Going west, you will find more Ura warriors.

They should be pretty easy if you have a fast weapon, otherwise they might dodge most of your attacks.

At the northest point you will find Something Fancy.

Go to the right after you get the crafting material. Press the switch and...

You will be teleported yet again.

Way is pretty linear.

When you reach this point... will be teleported yet again.

Continue your way north-east and you will be teleported yet again.

To over here.

This time there are Peckers.

They will be fighting against the Ura as well.

Continue your way north-east.

There is Something Wrong right above.

After you take it, continue North-east again.

After you reach this point... will be teleported. Didn't see that coming.

Way is really linear.

When you reach this point, i didn't do it yet again, but i recommend checking out west first.

After that continue your way north-east.

After you kill the Ura and continue... will be teleported.

Way is pretty linear again. You will see an Ura with a snowboard-like vehicle bump into you.

Continue your way forward and you will find the Shard.

You won't be able to take it though.

An Ura got it, and he will teleport away with it.

Leaving you empty handed.

He will also spawn a few chickens for you to fight with.

After you're done with them, the skyway is to the east.

Use it and you will return to the Bastion.