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Bastion Walkthrough Zulten's Hollow

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You start off fighting right in the beggining.

And you start off getting a new weapon right in the beggining as well.

And you start off meating a new type of turret as well, probably the worst kind.

Good news? The weapon you just picked up can kill almost everything in a single hit.

Careful with it though...

...since it also deals damage to you when you use it.

Continue forward.

And make sure to target those turrets first, they can be a real annoyance.

Quick tip: If you destroy those four obelisks that stand in a square, you will get some fragments.

Around 66 to be precise.

Going north-west doesn't give us anything.

So we will continue our path north-east.

You will find an arsenal quite close. You can keep the calamity cannon if you like it. I changed it for the Breaker Bow since it deals damage to me if i'm close to my target.

Have to go north-west next.

To get past this wall, i believe you have to destroy the two obelisks behind it.

Doing so, you will find Something Burnt.

Continue your way north-east, where Ura are awaiting.

Dispatch of them, continue your way and you will find Stinkeyes.

Also a huge plant that pops out more Stinkeyes, my suggestion is to take care of it first while dodging the stinkeyes.

Could be a bit hectic, but you should be alright if you have the Fire Bellows.

Also, remember to destroy the obelisks.

Go south-east of where the obelisks were to find 2 caches of fragments and Something Foul.

Continue your way north for now.

Going north-east gives us nothing in particular.

So you should go north-west.

Destroy the obelisks to remove the huge rocks in your way.

Another huge plant. Try to take care of it first.

Gotta destroy the obelisks again.

Go north...

And then go west.

You will find Something wrong there.

After getting the material, continue going north.

Destroy the obelisks.

Then go east, to find a Child's Drawing. It's a lore item.

Then continue your way up.

You will find Zia again.

Talk to her again and you will return to the Bastion.