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Bastion Walkthrough The Tazal Terminals

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This is the last mission in the game.

No secrets nor special items.

Just go forward and kill every Ura you see.

Shouldn't be too hard since this place is almost literally filled with them.

Best weapon for the job, in my opinion, is the Breaker Bow.

With the last upgrade.

Use the one that stuns.

That way they will not be able to dodge you attacks.

Get on the snowboard.

It will transport you to...


Go forward.

Here you will find...


Now when you press space you can jump between places.

Not as fast as regular dodging, but it's still pretty good.

Music is really good in this mission.

But then again, it is quite good in the whole game.

Too bad i can't show it with screenshots.

This level is filled with Ura.

You screen will start 'freezing'.

Reducing your field of view.

TIP: You can jump over most of the junk on the ground.

You will find a skyway.

It will take you to an arena like place.

After you fight off the URA, you can only go this way.

You have to hop from block to block.

You will even find Ura on your way.

Didn't see the Ura coming.

After a lot of jumping around, you will find another snowboard.

It will transport you to over here.

You have to press two switches to continue. This one.

And the other one.

Press another switch and the Pyth gate will open.

Here you will find your last weapon.

The battering ram.

It is a really powerful weapon that can destroy anything, even gates.

You cannot dodge or hop though.

You can press Q to make fireballs rain from the sky.

You right click to attack a single target.

Or you left click to attack targets around you.

Get on the snowboard to transport you again.

This time you will be surrounded by Ura.

But it doesn't matter, you can kill them all with one left click.

Or you can press Q to innitiate total annihilation.

Go forward, destroying everything in your way.

Until you find the Shard.

The guy with the shard will teleport around the place.

Kill everyone trying to protect him and chase him around.

It shouldn't be too hard with the Battering Ram.

Althought he can be quite annoying.

When you start fighting him, he will have a lot of health.

It might take you a bit to take him down.

Take care of him, and then take the shard.

After that, go south-east, where you will find a lot of Ura beating down on Zulf.

Scare them away and click on Zulf.

You can Move On without him or Take Zulf.

I chose to take Zulf.

Press the switch and continue forward.

There will be a lot of Ura attacking you. If you moved on, you can kill them, but if you took Zulf, you will be defenseless, so move on.

They will continue attacking you.

If you took Zulf, at this point, they will stop attacking you. But if you moved on, they will still continue to do so.

Go to the skyway.

You will return to the Bastion.

But the Shard in the Monument...

And the place will be back to normal.

You will be teleported in this area. Talk to the NPCs. Choose an ending, and that will be it. Congratulations on beating Bastion!