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Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinns Revenge Walkthrough Industrial District - Shipyard - Batman

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As soon as you gain control of Batman get behind the police car on the right side and press RB to launch your grapple at the beams above.

Look towards the upper right sky and you'll see a helicopter floating around the area. Use your grapple to get on one of its legs.

Once there look around for the crane that's a little to the right of the helicopter and drop down, then glide a little bit on the cranes direction and press RB when it appears to grapple and get on the crane.

Run down the crane and jump towards the platform where a sniper is standing, then press RB to grapple on the side of the platform. Get behind the sniper and take him out.

Jump down and glide to the building roof on the Northwest direction of the platform that you're standing on and press RB when the prompt appears. You need to get to the tall building on the left side of the one you're gliding towards.

From there you can jump down the Northeast side of the tower and glide all the way to the mission marker on the steel mill.

Once you get on the bridge, head for the hole at the end of it and drop down. Turn left and you'll find a door, open it to enter the mill.

After entering the mill, head forward then turn right and drop down on the lower floor. Silent takedown whichever goon is closest to you, then knockout the rest of them.

Just like with Robin you can do a beating on the armored guys by pressing B then spamming X. Also be careful not to let the goons take guns from the crates at the side. You'll hear a gun being cocked when one of them takes a gun. Immediately head for that goon and beat him up to make him drop the gun.

Once you've taken care of the goons, climb up the stairs that leads to the officer and press the switch at the right hand side of the officer. Wait for him to recover then talk to him.

After talking to the officer head for the center of the room and press RB to get back to the upper floor. Now backtrack outside the mill and onto the bridge.

You'll find a group of goons below the bridge on the right side. Throw a Smoke Pellet at them and drop kick one of them, then take out as many as you can before the smoke clears. Clean up the rest if there are any left standing.

After defeating the goons activate your Detective Mode and get near the radio. You'll hear Gordon talking from it and Batman will inform you that it belongs to a cop.

Batman will then create a crime scene. Point towards one of the glowing splatters on the floor and hold A to scan it. Now you'll have to follow these so keep your Detective Mode active.

Turn around and press RB to get on top of the entrance arc. Now drop down on the opposite side and silent takedown the 2 goons that are guarding the entrance.

Turn left at the first corner and follow the splatters up the van and towards the next side. Make your way through the area and silent takedown any enemy you encounter.

Follow the blood splatters all the way to the next area until you get to the tunnel with 2 burning cars at the end. Approach the cars then press RB to climb up on top of the building.

Look down and quietly drop down beside the 2 goons, then do a double takedown on them.

Continue following the splatters until you reach the end of it. When you do, crouch down and enter the gate then do a double takedown on the first 2 goons and interrogate the last one.

After getting the needed information from the goon, go back outside and use your grapple to climb up the second building on the left side.

From there glide a little to the Northeast and use your grapple to get on the roof in that direction. Then jump off the North end of the roof and grapple towards the broken red pipe in front of the building you're on.

Walk along the beam on top of the pipe and head for the platform at the end of it. Keep walking until you reach the end of the beam and grapple to get up on the platform, then knockout the sniper.

Turn east and jump off the railing and use your grapple to get on the walkway at the building on the east side of where you are. Then from there glide north east and grapple towards the building with the sniper and take him out.

Now glide and grapple towards the tower on the north side and take out the last of the snipers.

After taking out the snipers, head down the building on at the center of the area (where the snipers were pointing the lasers) and interrogate the goon that's glowing white to get the first code.

From where you got the first code grapple your way to the east and you'll find the second goon who has the code.

He's down on ground level, so get down there and start beating the crap out of the goons except the one who has the code, you must not knock him out.

After taking the second code grapple back to the rooftops and head southwest. The next group will have guns that's why I left them for last.

Watch them from the nearby roof and glide down once they split up into each of the corners. Take care of the two on the left side first by doing a silent takedown.

Then beat up the last goon and interrogate the goon who has the last code. Once you have the code head back to the security door earlier which is to the south.

Equip the Cryptographic Sequencer and start turning both of your analog sticks. Unfortunately the codes are random so you'll need to solve it on your own. The best indicator is the strength of the controller vibration, stronger means closer to the right code.

After opening the gate move forward and enter through the only door. Inside you'll find a group of goons, get behind one and knock him out, then take care of the rest of the goons.

Once you've gotten rid of the goons, head down and enter the door on the left side of the stairs. Inside you can't proceed through the door on the right, so approach the wall in front of the door you used to get in the room and use the Explosive Gel on it.

Equip and fire the Line Launcher towards the opposite side of the room, then press LT and aim it around the corner towards the right side. Climb up the stairs and enter the warehouse.

Climb up the stairs all the way to the second landing and get inside the vent, then remove the cover, climb out and drop down on the left side.

Hide behind the railing and wait for the first sniper to start walking towards you and pause at the end. When he does get behind him and take him down silently.

After taking him out, walk all the way to the walkway at the back and knockout the sniper there, then do the same for the last sniper.

Head further down the walkway where the last sniper was and take down the guards that are patrolling on the lower walkway.

Finally drop down on the ground floor and knockout the last goon, then free the officer to start the cutscene.