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Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinns Revenge Walkthrough Shipyard II - Robin

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Head in through the door in front of you with the sign "Shrine of Joker" then turn left and use the Bullet Shield to get past the steam pipe.

Beat up the goons that are guarding the door, then head inside and you'll find Batman.

Inside the shrine examine the panel on the left side of the altar, then head to the right side and exit through the door.

Approach the goon from behind and do a silent takedown, then take care of the other one and step on top of the metal grate on the floor by the door.

Press RT + A to open the grate and make your way to the other side and climb out. Proceed forward and enter the vent on the right side wall.

Exit our the door on the opposite side of the vent and hide behind the crate. Equip your Shuriken and throw it at the sniper, then charge towards him and take him down.

Now head out the door on the right side and knockout the goons that will come at you. After taking them out head for the door on the opposite side and leave through it.

Head down the stairs and grapple onto the roof on the left side. Look up and grapple towards the platform where the sniper is standing and take him down.

Drop down on the left side of the platform and head down to where the hostage is. Wait for the goon to move towards the right, then follow behind him and take him out.

Make your way around the back of where Harley is standing and wait for the goon to pass by, then get behind him and take him out.

Grapple up the posts on the walls, then move to the one on the opposite side and wait for the goon to enter the building, then drop down behind him and take him out. This is one of the major difference between Batman and Robin, he can't do the inversed take down that Batman does. Making him a little harder in terms of sneaking around.

With only 2 goons left, you should start attacking Harley. Wait for her to be alone and away from the goons and do a glide kick on her and start putting in some damage. You should attack her when there's only 2 goons left, since no matter how many times you knockout the last 2 replacements will always take their place.

Harley always shouts for the goons every time you hit her, so when you feel like the goons are closing in grapple back to the posts and hide until she's alone again.

Once Harley is out of the picture takedown the last 2 goons. They won't respawn this time, once they're down too Robin will acquire the key from Harley.

After acquiring the key, backtrack to the shrine where Batman is being kept and you'll be met by a very large group of goons. Press LT and Y towards any goon except the one with the electric rod to send them to the floor. Smoke Pellets also work well as well as double pressing RT to bash these guys with your Bullet Shield.

It doesn't matter who you take out first, but always try to stun the titan when you have the chance to do so. Once stunned hit him whenever you can but don't compromise your own safety just to get in more hits.

Take your time, you don't have to take them down quickly. You need to survive. Most likely you'll be left with the most dangerous of the group which are the armored, shielded and electric rod goons. Abuse your Shield bash and Stun, these skills will help you a lot.

After rendering every goon unconscious, head for the control panel and free Batman.