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Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough Mutant Bane Boss Fight

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Bane will then transform into a mutant, and you will fight him. You will need to hide from this Bane, use the vents and vents below the floor to hide and take him down from behind.

Walk up to Bane from behind and press the appropraite button.

When you try to take down Bane from behind, you will jump on him and he will run forward, when near an electric wall, press the appropriate button to push him into the electricity and damage him.

Then while he is stunned attack him.

Use the same method again and again to damage Bane, also you can run Bane into walls to damage him instead of the electricity but the wall does less damage.

You will also need to navigate without using the Detective Vision because of the jammer that is deployed.

You can also take down Bane near electricity walls from the vents below to damage him, keep using the method I showed you until you defeat Bane.

Bane will attack you one last time, use the Remote Claw to stop him.

And again on the other side.

Bane will then finally be defeated.