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Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough FireFly Boss Fight

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After Batman draw's Fire Fly's attention with the Batwing, head down to help the officers. Get inside the Maintenance room.

After the cutscene with Gordon.

Head to the lock device and hack it.

When the door opens, use the grapple gun to go up.Climb the stairs, go through the vent and power the engine.

Take down the Predator room like before.

Interrogate the last remaining guard.

Then hack the device to stop the bomb.

Get outside, and go to the door to enter the Control Room.

Inside there will be a small group of guards first, then a Predator Room.

Go up to the controls and press the appropriate button to lower the train.

Remove the cover from the device, then hack it to stop the bomb.

Moving forward, you will need to navigate through the broken down bridge, using the grapple gun, gliding, and jumping, nothing too hard.

When you geto the Pioneer's Bridge South, you will face a group of enemies, armed with different types of weapons, you can counter the electric weapons when the Shock Gloves are on, same for the shielded ones.

Then find the other bomb, and disable it too.

Then you will need to get to the North Bomb, again through the wreckage.

Moving forward, you will face another Predator Room and you will need to power up an engine to open a gate.Then you will fight against Fier Fly and he's goons.

While fighting the guards, watch out for FireFly's flame thrower, evade the attack with the roll.

Then you will fight against FireFly 1 on 1.

Evade FireFly's flame thrower by rolling to the sides.

Once he stops, use the Glue Granade to hit him.

Then use the QuickFire Batarang to hit FireFly and damage him.

Once FireFly is stunned, use the Batclaw to pull him towards you using the appropraite button.

After the cutscene, you will need to navigate through some wreckage to evade FireFly's attacks.

Use the Grapple Gun to get on the ledge.

Then climb on the second wall.

When you climb up, go right to evade FireFly's attacks, jump across the gap, and then slide under the truck.

Then again avoid FireFly's attacks, hit him with the Glue Granade and then with the Batarangs, then with the Batclaw until you drain all of he's health.

After the cutscene the fight is over.

After returning to the Batcave, find Alfred.

After removing the wreckage from Alfred, use the Shock Gloves to revive him.