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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough Chapter 3 - Upriver

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Sneak up on the guard and stab him

Wait for the lightning and then shoot

Wait for them to stand like that and then shoot when you hear the lightning

After that rejoin the rest of the squad

Be careful as you go through this area, look for the traps on the ground

Kill the enemies and move on

Start from the guard tower then the others

Jump down in to the river

Don't run too far, you will get swarmed and there isn't a lot of cover, go bit by bit while killing enemies that jump down

Go down hill in to the village

This is why we love Bad Company and other Battlefield games

You could go right and flank the MG, or you know, explode it

Remember, explosives are the answear to everything, I'm serious, take out your grenade launcher and try it

After you realised I'm correct (let's be honest, I'm always correct) go up the road

Stay in cover and kill them one by one

Remember the rocket launcher you went past? Its there for a reason

After you had your way with the BMP go to your squad

I think its kinda obvious what you are supposed to do (HINT: Shoot him in the head)