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Bioshock: Infinite Walkthrough Chapter 15: FORT FRANKLIN PIER

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Now you need to rescue Elizabeth.Get to the door.

keep moving the way shown by pressing N.

Go upside the ladder to find elizabeth.

Get in the room by walking past the door.

You can see Elizabeth with the enemies.

Kill all men present down by shooting with the ammo you have got.

Look out sidewards for enemies..

You can use skyline by pressing F and getting attached to it and performing airstrike on the enemies.

Press SPACE to dismount to get down on the ship.

Kill the machine on the ship shooting at you.

Take the ammo from the corpse wahtever required.

Get attached to skyline by pressing SPACE.

Get down here by pressing F.

Now rescue Elizabeth by walking past the door.

Go this way to the end of the route.

You can take the sniper rifle present on the table.

Hold F to pick up any weapon.

Keep moving this way to get to the door.