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Bioshock: Infinite Walkthrough Chapter 13: FINKTON DOCKS

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You just slightly wake up able to see elizabeth.

Later you wake up here infront of fitzroy.

Speak to her.

You are thrown down from the airship.

Wake up.Later keep going.

Now you need to keep moving.

Proceed this way to the end to find elizabeth.

Kill the policemen in the way trying to stop you.

Shoot at them using the weapons you got.

Kill the mosquitoes shooting at you.

Press V to kill the men.

Search here for ammo.

Later on keep moving.

Go straight to get to the destination.

Now get to the end to the bridge.

Get to the other side and find some ammo if you are low on it.

Pick up phial of salts for vigors.

Press V to kill the men.

Take the ammo from the corpse.

Now kill the portrait shooting at you.

You can press V to kill it.

Later take the ammo.

Then keep moving killing the people.

Later search the corpsef for items.

Take the ammo from the barrel.

Now keep moving to get to the destination.

Look around for enemies.

Find your way to your destination.

Search the crate present on the floor.

Now keep moving this way shown by the navigation.

Get to the end of the way.

Proceed this way inordder to find elizabeth.

Go to the end of the way.

Keep moving the way shown by navigation.

You need to find Elizabeth.

Keep moving on the way shown to you by pressing N.

Get to the door at the end of the way.