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Blocks That Matter Walkthrough Lost Slimes

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Run up and destroy the iron block then jump over the slime and get the sand block.Then jump over to thr right and get the gold block.

Jump down and drill the frist one and then jump-break the next two the go right.

Break the block to let the obsidian fall on the slime.Then get the sand block.

Place a Two-Layer shape.Then break the left two and jump on break the right on the the borrom.

Place a Straight-Shape.

Break it all the way but leave on then gather them both.

break the blocks under the obsidian but go left start with the gold one.

just jump from the grass next to the obsidian block.

Place an L-Shape.

Place a Straight-Shape above you then do the same.

Then go back and jump over the slimes and go to the next stage.

Few Resources

Place an L-Shape.

Break the bottom and only leave the top then jump over and to the top.

Break the Iron Block then the Gold to the right.

Place an L-Shape and only break the Iron Block.

Break the block underneath the sand block then gather the blocks.

Place them and break the line.

Jump over the slimes in the spaces.

Place a Straight-Shape with the sand block on the left and let it kill the slime.

Gather the blocks and place a Straight-Shape Then gather them and only leave the last one on the right.

Jump over the slimes and gather the blocks.

Place sand above the slime to kill it.

Then place a Straight-Shape above you.

Break through and jump up and go to the next Stage.