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Blocks That Matter Walkthrough Exploration

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Gather the blocks below and go up again.Then Sprint-Jump from the left where that little green grass is to the left of the machine all the way left.

Place an L-Shape then Gather all the blocks and then trigger the TNT.

Place a Pointing-Shape and then move 1 block.

Place an L-Shape with the sand on the bottom and the rest at the top.

Gather the blocks and move the ice block.

Jump over and gather the blocks.

Place an L-Shape and go up.

Place a Square-Shape,Gather the two on the right then jump over to the left.

Place a Straight-Shape then jump on the top one then Jump-Gather the top wood blocks.

Gather the blocks and go right.

Jump up and gather that one block.

Place a square and Destroy the two lines.

Place a Straight-Shape and go gather the blocks.

Then go down to the machine

Go Right-Upward and break the blocks.

Place an L-Shape and go to the next stage.