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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 3 - Germany: Of Wulfs and Demons

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Kill the nazis in this corridor without using any guns. You will need those for later.

Go down the corridor.

The bad guys are having a meeting.

Beliar is reborn from the body of Hedrox. You will have to fight both Beliar and Jurgen Wolf at the same time here. But you need to kill Beliar first.

Beliar will grow larger with time until he kills you.

You need to use your sniping ablity to shoot him in the heart. That is the only way to hurt him.

Run around and look for more weapons from dead nazis. The second floor has more weapons. If you run out of weapons you can get more from Jurgen Wulf. He sometimes drops weapons around the path he runs.

Once you kill Beliar it's time to kill Wulf. He runs fast but you can try and block his way.

Depending on who you kill first the cutscene at the end will be slightly different.

You have completed BloodRayne.