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BloodRayne Walkthrough Act 3 - Germany: The Bridge

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This entire area is mined so forget about using any flat ground. Jump on top of any buildings or vehicles to proceed.

Jump on top of the church.

The barricaded troops can be hard to reach but you can snipe them from the church with your sniping ability. Don't stand in one place for too long because they can hit you with the rocket launchers eventually.

To reach the barricades once you kill the nazis jump from the church on top of the tank.

Then onto the car.

Pick up a rocket launcher from the nazis. You will need it.

Get up the stairs.

A mech will appear. Shoot it down with your launcher. If you run away and use your sniping ability he won't be able to shoot back.

Run down the bridge.

Jurgen Wulf attacks you and blows up the bridge behind you. You will have to run towards the end of the bridge before it's destroyed.

Once you kill the last officer in red uniform enter the door to go to the next map.