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Borderlands 1st release Walkthrough New Haven: The Next Piece

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Mission overview.

To reach Krom's place, you need to go through a path where you have to fight many enemies. It's good idea to max up your ammo and upgrade SDU. Also, bring a sniper or rocket laucher to kill Krom easily.

This is the place you have to go through to the Krom. Be careful though, Krom constantly shoot rockets at you.

The advantage of sniper is you can take cover and snipe enemy from the other side because Krom keep shooting rocket at you so be at the open place will get you killed.

Try to get nearer to Krom.

When you have clear view of him like in the picture? Then stay there and find cover. The strategy is shoot him and take cover from the rocket. You'll see the rocket coming. Sometimes, even you stand the rocket doesn't affect you at all. Depends on place and luck.

Although the fire from the rocket blast can be seen, but it doesn't hurt you at all behind the metal plate (as cover). Quickly after the explosion, stand up and shoot again.

If you have rocket launcher, then use it. It's more effective than sniper or any other weapons againts turret.

Easy kill. :)

The vault key inside this container. Open it and take.

Turn in to complete this mission.