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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Reverie DLC Walkthrough Castle Hall

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The Reverie DLC picks up after the events of the main game. Gabriel will travel back to the castle where Carmilla resides. Feel free to break a couple of things before heading up to the gate, specially if you don't have any holy water. Side note: I don't think you can play the Reverie DLC without playing the main game. Hence this guide will assume that you have played and finished the main game, and that you have the artifacts from it.

Head into the next room once you have some flasks. Ghouls will immediately appear and attack you. Much like the main game you can block their attacks. All of your moves and artifacts will stay in the DLC.

The best way to kill Ghouls is to jump and throw a holy water flask directly below you, then mash Y to do large area attacks and take them all out. Laura will come and help you after a while and skeletons will appear as well.

You don't have to worry about Laura as she can take care of herself. Proceed to killing the skeletons and make sure to either smash their remains with the gauntlet or throw a holy water flask at them when they shatter. If the skeletons bones are still moving and you don't finish them off, then they're reanimate and you'll have to take them down again.

After eliminating all of the enemies, Laura will inform you of what's happening at the castle and the reason why she called you. She'll then take you back to the room where you first met in the original game.

You'll immediately notice that the board only has 6 figures now and that there are three banners hanging around the board. Press the up, left and right on the Dpad to look at the banners.

Each banner has a certain set of symbols, it can be any combination of a vampire, lycan or necromancer plus a question mark. Black question marks mean black pieces and white ones mean white pieces. You'll also notice that each of the banners have a book symbol at different places. This is in relation to where the book (that Gabriel is using to move the pieces) is located in relation to the banner.

The order in which the pieces need to be is: From the left side column and bottom row. Second column, second black tile: White Necromancer Second column, third black tile: Black Lycan Third column, first white tile: Black Vampire Fourth column, second black tile: White Vampire Fourth column, third black tile: White Lycan Fifth column, second black tile: Black Necromancer

After placing the pieces at the correct tiles, the floor board will turn into a large spiral staircase that leads down. Descend down the stairs.