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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Reverie DLC Walkthrough Founders' Quarters

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Follow the path and you'll immediately see a set of stairs that lead up, don't go up, just turn to the right and climb down the stairs.

Here you'll find a large stone engraving on the ground. This puzzle is easy, all you have to do is align the drawing from the smallest circle moving up to the largest circle, they all move accordingly so it won't be hard at all.

After aligning the engraving, the gate on the right side will open. Head through it and climb down the stairs.

You'll be attacked by ghouls as soon as you reach the walkway. Kill the ghouls, then activate the device in front of the gate with your combat cross and enter through the gates.

Laura will refuse to head inside the altar with you, head up the coffin and open it, then take the large gem that the skeleton is holding then head out.

The gates will close before you can leave and some phantoms will attack you. Deal with them and the gates will reopen. Now backtrack to the stairs before the engraving of an angel.

This time you'll climb up the stairs, you'll see a large glowing gear at the top. Examine it and Gabriel will place the gem inside.

Head back down to where the engraving of the angel is, Laura will point your attention to the large clock, flip the switch underneath it to turn back time and reconstruct the upper floors.

Now climb back up the stairs to where you inserted the gem and continue making your way up the now existing staircase and around the side of the tower.

Head inside the door and you'll be met by the shrine of the founders, all three of them. We'll start with Cornell's blood. So head inside the door on the left side.

You'll be attacked by three phantoms as soon as you head inside the corridor. Kill them then open the gate via the device at the right side of the room.

In the next room you'll be presented with a puzzle. This is easy compared to that blade jumping from the previous area. Let's start with the stone block, you can push it with your gauntlet. First push it forward, then push it to the right, then push it down and finally push it to the left side.

Now activate the switch right beside Laura and she'll summon a doll. The doll can only move, left, right, forward and back. In addition it can't stop once it moves hence the bumpers and if you hit the fire then it will die. First move the doll forward, then left, down, right, up, left, down and finally right. The statue at the altar will then turn, revealing Cornell's blood.

Quickly dash towards the statue and take the blood, then get out of there. You don't need to kill any of those ghouls.

Now head for the door on the right side, which is Zobek's shrine. This time reapers will pop up instead of phantoms. Throw a holy water flask at them to quickly kill them off. Don't forget that reapers can kill you in two hits so be careful not to get too close.

After killing them, activate your shadow magic and touch the plates on the pillars to open the gate, then head outside.

Zobek's puzzle is a little longer than Cornell's. First climb down the stairs and use your gauntlet to push the pillar to the left side, it will pop up from the other purple portal right beside the one it went through.

You'll see a button in the platform that the pillar appeared on. Use your gauntlet to push it and the platform will move down, then push the pillar towards the portal on the left side.

Now go to the platform right in front of the gates and push the button on it to connect it with the green portal. Then push the pillar to the right and into the green portal.

After the pillare reappears, push it down but not into the purple portal. Just push the button and the platform will move down, then push the pillar towards the gate to get it open.

Press the switch within the gates to move a platform in front of the purple portal. Then push the pillar back to the platform and press the button to get the platform to align with the purple portal and push the pillar through it.

Now head back through the gates and push the button again to make the platform move to the right side, then push the pillar all the way to the right.

Push the button on the second moving platform on the left side so that the platform goes back down, then press the button on the platform where the green portal is to move the platform that's carrying the pillar down. Now use your gauntlet and push the pillar all the way to the left side.

Now press the button on the platform that's currently carrying the pillar and make it move up. Then push the pillar up, then to the right.

Now push the button on the platform and make it go to the right, and push the pillar straight into the blue portal.

Now all you have to do is push the pillar forward, then to the right and forward again to get it on top of the rune. Take the Zobek's blood then head back to the center room.

Now for Carmilla's blood. Head for the door at the center of the room and examine the gate. Gabriel will ask Laura to search for the blood in his stead.

Ghouls will appear as soon as you enter the area, also Laura's HP is only half of the bar. Kill the ghouls and suck their blood, make sure that you have a full bar before you kill all of them.

Now use mist form and head for the gate that leads to the shrine. Examine the glowing bowl and Laura will place her blood inside.

Once your HP is at a fourth, Laura will say that you need more blood but she's too weak to give any. Go back through the gates and replenish your health by sucking blood from the ghouls.

Once you've killed the ghouls, head back inside the shrine and offer the last drops of the blood that's needed, then take Carmilla's blood and go back to Gabriel.

Now that you have all three blood orbs of the founders. Exit the shrine area and turn left, then climb up the stairs and get to the top.

Once there head towards the back of the area and you'll find a puzzle there. Examine it and plce the blood orbs to start solving it.

To solve the puzzle you'll need to: Move the second column up once, move the third column up once, then the second row right once, second column down twice, third row left once and finally second column up once. Then drop the blood and the cutscene will start, ending with a to be continued message.