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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows - Resurrection DLC Walkthrough Dimensional Prison

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Resurrection picks up immediately where Reverie left off. Gabriel will arrive at the Dimensional Prison in search of the Forgotten One. You also carry over your HP and items, as well as your magic bars.

Exit into the clearing and you'll be attacked by swordsmen and reapers. If you're like me and you have no holy water when you started this level, then you're gonna need a lot more help in doing this battle. Otherwise just throw a couple of holy water at the reapers, then take care of the swordsmen.

If you have no holy water, then you can proceed in two ways. The slower but safer method is to lure them back to the path you used and take them out one by one.

The other method is to keep airborne by using the seraph wings to jump up and charging the gauntlet, punching down, then holding Y to perform a falling wide area combat cross attack.

Whichever method you choose to go about this, it's gonna take a while since the reapers spawn a lot. Once the reaper s have stopped spawning tak the swordsmen down. Also I'll say this now. Conserve all your magic bars, you're gonna need them later.

After you've killed all the enemies, head for the gate and use your chain to pry it open. Then roll (dodge) towards the hole to get through the gate.

Head through the corridor and get to the room with the lava floor and a cutscene will begin. You'll also see the Forgotten one.

As soon as the Forgotten one has started climbing, head for the right side and use your seraph wings to reach the ledge that's too high for a normal jump.

From there use your chain on the chain point and climb up a litte, just so you're a little above the door that you used to get to the area, then start building momentum by moving left and right, then jump towards the ledge on the left side.

After getting on the ledge, the demon will notice you and start looking for you. Quickly shimmy to the left, then climb up the ledge above and Gabriel will be hidden by the metal piece that's blocking his side.

Once you're safe, head back down, then to the left and get on the ledges that have appeared. Use your chain and attach it to the chain point right above the newly revealed ledge.

Climb up a little and from here on you're gonna have to be quick. The lava will start rising, press X to make Gabriel jump off the wall, then jump and use the seraph wings to reach the ledge right behind him.

Now shimmy to the left and quickly pull down the piece of metal on the left side with your chain. After pulling it down a new ledge will be revealed.

"Jump over to the ledge on the left, then shimmy over to the right side and climb up once you reach the end. Wait for Gabriel to look behind him then jump towards the ledge behind him.

From there climb up to the highest ledge, then start moving to the left side until you get to the next face of the pillar.

Climb up the ledge above you, then jump towards the ledge on the left and climb up the ledge above that too. Now make your way to the left side.

Keep going left until you get back to the face of the pillar that's facing the center of the area. Climb up on the third ledge, then move to the left then drop down on the platform.

Make your way across the beam and please don't fall off. If you fall off and are prompted with the "Hold RT" to save yourself, the lava will catch up to you and you'll die anyways.

Once you get to the other side, use the seraph wings to reach the ledge above you. Then quickly jump towards the walkway on the right side.

Make your way up via the walkway and keep using the seraph wings to quickly get up on the platforms. Walking won't cut it, you need to either use cyclone boots or seraph wings to quickly climb up.

Jump towards the last platform on the right and jump up towards the ledge using the seraph wings. The Forgotten one will then resurface from the lava.

Quickly climb up the highest ledge on the left side and hide behind the piece of metal that's hiding that side.

A message will appear that the demon didn't see you. Once it appears, climb back down and head to the right side. Climb up towards the three ledges.

The Forgotten One will start pounding at the next seal. You need to dodge the debris that's falling. You can dodge, by going left, right or center. Always jump back to the middle ledge after dodging to avoid being too far from the safe ledge.

After successfully destroying the seal, the Forgotten One will fall back into the lava. Once he starts climbing attach your chain to the chain point and climb up. You still can't allow him to see you, hence you need to always be above him.

Get up on the highest ledge and quickly press the grapple button and pull down the piece of metal that's covering the next chain point.

Climb up the chain, then jump off the wall and use the seraph wings to reach the ledge that's on the opposite side of the wall that the Forgotten One is climbing on.

The Forgotten One will follow you and climb the same wall that you're on. When he jumps on the wall a ledge will be revealed right above the one you're on. Climb up to it and keep climbing the ledges that will be revealed each time he moves up.

When you get to the last ledge, head over to the left and wait for the Forgotten one to pass you.

After he passes, shimmy back to the right and use your chain to climb up the surface.