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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows - Resurrection DLC Walkthrough The Underworld

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Great... more platforming. The moment the game starts, hug the left side of the platform and drop down on the rock that will appear there.

The rocks will move towards the Forgotten one, but like the previous level you can't allow him to see you. Wait for the second rock to pop-up, then jump on top of it.

A third rock will then appear on the right side. Use the seraph wings and jump towards it. That's basically all you need to do. Just keep jumping on top of platforms.

After a while, a pillar will come down and the platform that you're standing on will stop moving. Jump onto the ledge at the side of the pillar.

Once you're on the pillar, shimmy over to the right side so that you're on the face that's hidden from the Forgotten One. He'll turn around and investigate the pillar.

He'll first investigate the right side of the pillar. Shimmy over to the left side to avoid being spotted. Wait for him to get behind the pillar, then shimmy to the right.

Stay on the right side and wait for the Forgotten One to lift the pillar and start using it to open the seal. Press the QTEs to stay on the pillar while he's bashing it.

Wait for the pillar to float towards the end of the path, then use your seraph wings to jump towards the surface at the end of it.

Flaming knights will immediately attack you. Fighting them is optional, if you think that you can gain a couple of magic bars fighting them, then go ahead and do it, but if you're gonna lose HP and magic bars, then just skip them.

Head for the center of the area and use your seraph wings to jump on to the higher surface, then follow the path and prepare for the last battle.