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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows - Resurrection DLC Walkthrough Boss Battle: The Forgotten One - Finale

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You'll have to press QTE right off the bat. This guy is no joke, he literally made Satan look like a baby. Hopefully you conserved your Shadow and Light magic up 'til this point.

As soon as the battle starts he'll start roaring at the air. Quickly run at him and land a blow or two, then dodge away to safety.

He'll also have a new mid range attack, which is practically throwing a set of 5 spears or spikes at you and these spears will explode upon contact. This is perfect for you, if the Forgotten one uses this, run up to him and start landing blows, then dodge after he recovers from his attack.

His other new attack is a quick dash, he usually uses this when you're too far away. You should keep him at the center of the arena as much as possible, since it's really hard to dodge his smashes when you're near a corner.

Double sword cleave, single sword cleave, sweeping mace, spear bombs are the best attacks to land a hit on him, other than when he's roaring. Try to keep as close to him as possible, but far enough so you can dodge his smashes.

Other than these he'll still keep the same attacks and attack pattern as the previous boss battle. The hand is an easy target so you shouldn't have much difficulty bringing his HP down.

Always dodge towards the right (his left), so that every time he attacks, you're a lot closer to his weak point and can land an extra blow.

After getting his HP down, the Forgotten One will once again use a special attack. Get out of the rock's way get behind one rock.

The Forgotten one will send out an electric charge and hit a random rock. That rock will then become a bomb and explode after a while. Wait for him to turn the rock that you're standing behind, then use the gauntlet to push it towards the Forgotten one.

He'll then get stunned, run towards him and press the grapple button to start the QTE and reveal his next weak point.

This is when things get a little hard. That shoulder is so high up that you'll have either attack from the back with one jump or from the side with seraph wings boosting you up. The problem is there isn't much time and you can probably only land a hit or two when you use the seraph wings.

With that said, your best options for attacking the Forgotten one is either the spear bomb attack, the sweeping chain or the double cleave. Any other attack will be too short of a span for you to do any real damage.

Try to dodge entirely on the left side, since dodging to the right would mean you would have to go around him before you can land a blow, which is again, too time consuming.

But if you're patient enough, you can dodge to the left after any of his attacks, then jump and land 2 hits, dodge away, roll back, dodge to the left, hit twice... and so on. It's gonna take a while but this is a stable way of dealing damage while keeping yourself safe.

"Of course he still gets furious after a while of failing to hit you. Get close to him and use Shadow magic if you have it, then start dealing some major damage.

It may just be me, but I think that the shoulder was a lot harder to deal with than the last weak point. So depending on your preference you may wanna conserve your shadow magic for later, or use it all up now. I never had a chance to use light magic in this battle. He's too fast for me to be able to heal my HP.

After dealing the last set of damage needed, he'll go into special attack mode again. This time he'll throw 3 spears at you. Dodge the spears, then use the grapple to pick them up.

After picking it up a crosshair will appear on your screen. Use the analog stick to manipulate it, the crosshair will turn red once you're locked onto the Forgotten one. When it turns red, press X to launch the spear at him.

The speed at which the Forgotten One will approach you is going to get faster with every spear you throw at him. By the time you pick up the 3rd spear, he'll be running straight at you. Quickly target him and throw the spear to stun him.

Approach him one more time and grapple him. Press the QTEs and the last of the Forgotten One's weak point will be revealed.

Now things get complicated, really complicated. You can only reach his head by using the seraph wings and it will be so much harder to dodge his attacks now that he's gone completely rabid. At the beginning of the fight he'll roar again, use the cyclone boots and dash towards him, then use the seraph wings and land a couple of blows to his head before dodging away.

Double sword cleaves are your BFF for life now. He's far too fast for you to be dealing damage on him any other way. In other words he's too overpowered.

Keep yourself close to him, but not too close that you can't dodge a smash or sword sweep attack. Just keep dodging his attacks and wait for him to use the double cleave attack.

When he does, jump up towards his face and activate your shadow magic if you still have some left, then just keep on smashing his head until he finishes his attack. Then dodge away and wait for another opportunity.

A second attack that you can exploit is the spear throwing. Just make sure to keep yourself close enough to be able to get to him using the cyclone boots, before the third spear. Any later would be pointless cause you probably will only be able to land 1 hit.

Sweeping mace attack is also good for dealing damage, just use your cyclone boots paired up with seraph wings to close the gap and start attacking him.

It's gonna be a tough battle and your biggest enemy will be predicting the move wrong, especially the single handed cleave. Just keep yourself at about 3 inches from him to get him to spam double cleave more.

"Finish off the last of his HP and a cutscene will begin. Marking the end of the last DLC for Castlevania: Lords of Shadows.

This battle was really hard and you really need to learn his moves. You'll get beaten up a lot at first, but eventually you'll learn how to dodge and retaliate. Patience is seriously a virtue in this battle. Hands down one of the hardest bosses I've played in a while.