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Castlevania: Lords of Shadows - Resurrection DLC Walkthrough Boss Battle: The Forgotten One

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Let's jot down his attacks first. At mid range, the Forgotten one will do 2 different attacks that he'll cycle from. The first is a sweeping mace attack, which you can easily see when he smashes his mace at the left or right side of where you are. You can

"the second mid range attack is a straight mace smash. This one's a little harder to dodge than the sweep, since it swoops down and creates a smash effect that will damage you if you get hit by the smoke. You can also attack him when he uses this but the time frame is too small so I won't recommend it.

He also has a dropping attack, but he will use this whenever he feels like it. The Forgotten one will jump up and a shadow will appear above you, start running using the cyclone boots before the shadow appears and you'll be able to dodge it. You can also use the seraph wings to dodge away, but the boots are easier.

The Forgotten One also has a couple of smashes that he will use when you're close too him for too long or are landing blows at him, easily seen since he will either use his leg, mace or spear to do it. There's also a cast delay for it so you have enough time to dodge it.

He has the most attacks with the sword, he can sweep it (dodge by rolling towards him and towards the arm that he's sweeping you from, or simply dodge away), single sword cleave (dodge to the left or right, you'll know it's a cleave when he puts his right hand behind him and props out a sword).

And lastly dual sword cleave, he'll do the same gesture as single sword cleave, but with both hands, he won't hit you as you will always be in the middle of this attack, but he will try to squish you in between the swords. You can jump over the blades, or jump towards the Forgotten one to avoid it.

I wanna talk about his occasional growling. You'll see this immediately at the start of the battle. This is a really good opportunity for you to land a couple of blows on him, just run up to him and start hitting.

Now the way that you need to approach the battle is by hitting his leg first. The boss battle will be difficult the first few mins, but once you get used to it, you'll be able to predict him more efficiently.

The Forgotten One is also quite cocky, he'll laugh at Gabriel's attempts at attacking him, but this is good for you. He'll be vulnerable the whole time he's laughing, just keep dishing some damage on that exposed right leg.

After damaging him enough, the Forgotten One will stand at the middle of the arena and shoot a ball of light at Gabriel. Block it to send it right back and stun him.

Now approach him and start pressing the QTE that will appear on the screen. Just keep punching his sides and Gabriel will expose his left torso.

His weak point will then shift to the torso. This is what makes this battle really difficult, you have to be precise with where you'er hitting him. You can only attack his exposed parts to damage him, any other part will just be deflected, meaning in order to deal damage, you need to be up in the air and hitting the glowing parts.

Your best bet at landing hits on him while keeping yourself safe is the sweeping chain attack. Another good attack would be the double sword cleave, but you have to jump towards him so it's a little risky. This battle will really test your patience. Eventually you'll damage him enough to start the special attack sequence.

This time he'll attempt to smash you with a boulder. Run away and dodge the rock, then grapple it to start the QTE and end this battle.