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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Long Library Revisited

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Start going up the large staircase. Instead of reaching the top, however, jump onto this ledge. Kill the corpseweed. Be careful of its poison spit. Head left until you reach a save point.

After going through the save point, continue heading left.

When you reach the study, head all the way to the left, and circle on above. Enter the doorway to the right.

Hit the flame to get a stone mask. Run into the bookcase. Eventually, it will swivel and allow you to pick up a topaz circlet and a holy rod. Exit this room and explore the bottom of the study. Boss fight ahead.

The Lesser Demon is an easy boss fight. Slash it while it's not summoning an enemy. Kill any enemies it spawns. Done. Continue to the left, circle down right, and reach the mist gate.

Turn into Mist by pressing L1. This will let you phase through the great and pick up the Soul of Bat on the other side.

The Soul of Bat allows you to turn into a bat by pressing R1. Head back to the large staircase.

There's another ledge above the ledge leading to the study. Turn into a bat or jump-kick on a spellbook to reach it.

Pick up the Faerie Card. The Faerie Card allows you to summon a Faerie familiar by going to Relics > Faerie Card. The Faerie will automatically heal you and fix your status ailments, provded you have the item needed in your inventory.

Head to the Outer Wall. Take the elevator up and enter the warp room.

Warp back to Orlox's Quarters. (Goat Background)

Fly up through the hole in the ceiling, smashing the pots along the way up for items.

Fight your way through the next room. Avoid the spikes on the ceiling.

"When you enter the next room, drop down and explore the right side of the courtyard. You'll find two passages; one contains a garnet, and the other contains a save point.

Pick up the Heart Up, and enter the next section of this room. Slash at the ceiling, pictured below.

Enter through this hole. Pick up the Sword Card. The Sword Card lets you summon a sword familiar. Head back to the courtyard, and fly up to the upper portion. Go through the door on the lefthand side.

Turn into a wolf or a bat to get through this small gap. Go through the wooden door at the end of the hallway to fight Orlox.

Orlox has several attacks. His first and second attack pattern summon bats or skulls (both pictured above) that will chase you around the battlefield. You can chop these or kill them with a Soul Steal for health.

If the ground glows red, Orlox is about to make purple energy columns shoot up from the ground to damage you. You can stand in between them pretty comfortably.

Orlox will also fold his hands into his his sides, then shoot a blue wave horizontally. Duck or jump over this, it really packs a punch.

Once you damage Orlox enough, you'll fight his second form: a giant green mutant lizard.

This second form has a reaching attack..

A fireball attack...

And an attack where he beams the ground. After beaming the ground, it leaves a stationary fire column for a few seconds, so be careful.

After you destroy Orlox, fly up into the left hand side of the room.

"You'll recieve the Echo of Bat. This allows Alucard to shine a yellow light in bat form by pressing Triangle.

Destroy the yellow statue, and head left to the giant staircase (Where the Bone Pillars and Damascus Knights are) in the Holy Chapel.

Scan the upper half of this room for pottery to break. There's a lot of goodies up here.