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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Walkthrough Royal Chapel

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This is a save point. Jump up. To the left is a pot with an aquamarine. Go up the stairs to the right.

Keep going right.

"Jump up the left side of the chapel room. There's a pair of goggles you can get with a well-timed jump. in the room you were just in.

If you keep walking right into this room, you can interact with ghostly spirits. Some will try to kill you, others will tell you their story. Sometimes you can get grape juice out of it, but it's a rare drop and not really worth your time.

Instead, climb all the way up to the very top of the bell tower. You'll find a Life Max-Up, Str. Potion, and Iron Cuirass. Afterwards, go through the room on the upper right of the tower.

Climb this shorter tower. There's a zircon at the top. Continue right and get ready to fight the Hippogryph.

The Hippogryph mainly flies around the room, swooping at you, and generally being a pain to hit. However, there are some other attack sequences you need to look out for.

If the Hippogyph perches and blows fire, you can crouch beneath the fire and slash away.

If the Hippogryph lays an egg, slash it away before baby Hippogryphs are formed.

After you defeat the Hippogryph, there's another cutscene with Maria. After the cutscene, go right.

This is a save point.

Climb up to the top of the bell tower, and grab the goodies up above. Then, drop to the right and enter Castle Keep.